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Raw City Twinks Boot Camp- Freaks in Training (Part 1) " I LIKE DICK!"

Every year, Black Rayne embarks on a special project with some of the freakiest fan favorites of the year. Launching in 2018, RawCityTwinks has been a rising powerhouse in the urban industry. We selected some of 2018's hottest twinks and paired them with a couple industry titans to train them in the ways of FREAKDOM! They did not disappoint.

The 2019 Cast includes Tigger Redd, Robbie Dash, Reeko Dunn, Tyler Winx, Montanaa, Quake, J Kream, Khi Lavene and Max Konnor. The senior freaks instructed and demonstrated how to suck dick, take dick and bust nutts that will never be forgotten. This full length concept story is staged in the Georgia mountains where privacy and training could go on uninterrupted.

From their initial formation, to physical fitness to learning the masterful technique of eating booty...these cadets embark on a lawless orgy of sucking, fucking and bussin nutts. No place was safe...The living room, jacuzzi, the stairs, and even under the stars. Its time to TRAIN!

Date Added: May 22, 2019


50 min of video


Rating: 4.4/5.0